I have great news!

Both THE HOUSE ON BLACKBERRY HILL and TREASURE ON LILAC LANE are finalists in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence! 

Winners will be notified in April. I’m really thrilled that my first two Jewell Cove novels made the shortlist.2015GWContempSTF

In the meantime, I’ve spent a huge amount of time clearing snow this month. My husband left on Saturday the 14th for Alberta; we got our first storm on the 15th. I spent a lot of time on our tractor clearing the driveway. We’re a “U” shape and I did manage to clear it all – we got a foot of snow. And of course there was shoveling of steps and decks and what not…

Tuesday night into Wednesday we got a HUGE storm. It was supposed to be 25-35 cm which would have been bad enough, but we got over SIXTY. Two feet of snow – on top of the foot we got on Sunday. I didn’t even try to clear anything until Thursday, when the wind died down and the drifting stopped. But guess what else? My ductless split heat pump died in the middle of the storm, and nothing I tried would fix it, so I had a repairman here early Friday morning. My computer died (though it was an easy fix I did myself, thankfully) and on the Friday night my daughter noticed a spot on the ceiling above our deck “roof” and on Saturday before we were due more precipitation, I was out on a ladder putting roof patch on some shingles. We got rain, and then more snow, and then me on the tractor again…

When my husband got home on Sunday night I was SOOOOO glad to see him! Boy, I think I take for granted all the handy jobs he does around here!

I truly hope this is the end of the snow. Some of our banks are 7 feet high or worse. To make myself feel better, I’ve been looking at seed catalogues for the garden!

Please let March go OUT like a lamb!

I’m in search of dessert! I’m at a loss as to what to make for dessert for our Easter dinner this year. So I’m looking for YOUR recipes! And there’s a prize! Just go ahead and use the rafflecopter widget to enter for the prize, which I’ll choose at random. Leave a link to the recipe in the comments.

And if I pick YOUR recipe to make for our dessert, after Easter I’ll highlight it, and you, on my website.

Ready? Go!

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