Okay, so the blog title is a little reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara, and I’m definitely not going hungry, but here’s the thing: in the fall/winter/spring months? I’m COLD. Like almost all the time, except for, well, when I’m hot flashing. LOL. And our house has a main heating system that is oil/boiler baseboard, and despite turning it to a “reasonable” temperature, it never really feels warm and the oil bill makes me want to weep. Anytime after November my office may have a space heater running and I probably am wearing either heavy slippers or wool socks, and perhaps fingerless gloves. Hands and feet are the worst…

So yesterday we had some nice men come in and add a ductless split heat pump to our heating system.

OMG. I LOVE IT ALREADY. Yesterday we had it set to 21 Celsius and the living room was so nice and toasty I fell asleep. It’s quiet, the air circulates nicely so there are fewer cold spots, and even though the downstairs unit is in the living room, my office is comfortable.

It’ll be interesting to see the different in our oil and electricity bills.

Anyway, besides that yesterday was a pretty eventful day. It was release day for TREASURE ON LILAC LANE, and a few great reviews showed up on Amazon and around the web. I popped into RaeAnne Thayne’s FB party as she also had a new book come out yesterday, and what a blast! Lots of readers were there.


This week is also the Chocolate Box Spooktacular, with Halloween-ish themed posts and lots of prizes being given out. Come on over. Yesterday Kate Hardy chatted about a haunted house; today Michelle Douglas has a recipe for pumpkin loaf. There are more posts to come and none of the contests close until Saturday.




And I think that’s all for today! Currently I’m working on NOTHING LIKE A COWBOY and I need to make some good word count today to stay on track. :) Happy reading!

I can’t believe it’s the middle of October already. The time is zipping by! I’ve been taking a bit of a break, actually, after 18 months of crazy schedule, and it’s been blissful. But now I’m back to work and I have NEWS.

First of all – edits for SUMMER ON LOVERS’ ISLAND (Jewell Cove #3) arrived on Tuesday and I’m excited to dive into them! My editor really liked the book, and her suggestions are always phenomenal and so insightful, so I was actually pretty stoked when the courier drove in Tuesday afternoon! The release date for this one is May 5, 2015.

I also have a few contracts to announce. First of all, a really fun project I’m doing with 2 other amazing authors! Jenna Bayley-Burke, Sarah M Anderson and I are writing a novella trilogy for Samhain Publishing that we hope will be out next summer. It has cowboys. And a fun, sexy twist that was inspired by a hysterical conversation in San Antonio at the RWA conference last summer. The title of mine is NOTHING LIKE A COWBOY.

Then I have two more books to write for Harlequin American that will take place in the same basic setting as my upcoming Crooked Valley Ranch trilogy – the fictional town of Gibson, MT. I’m excited about those, too. I did up the proposal for the first book and had so much fun I didn’t want to stop!

But before all of that, I have new books releasing. The next Jewell Cove book is out on the 28th, and I’m going crazy waiting. Probably because I love love love this story. My editor worked really hard on this one, and when I got the final version and re-read it, I fell in love with it all over again. I love Rick and Jess! And I’m hoping readers will too.

And that’s it for me today – it’s grocery day and I have the glam job of putting some food in the cupboards and picking up new kitty litter and cat food. Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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