So…I didn’t do a video coffee break this month. I was planning to, and then 11 days ago I did something really stupid – I “threw” myself down the stairs.

I’d started housecleaning and we’d also started working on the yard, and so it was a pretty extreme way to get out of all that work! Seriously though, it was scary. I spent the day at the hospital making sure nothing was broken. I had a lot of pain and haven’t been able to sleep in my bed since because my ribs hurt too much. Fingers crossed I can do that soon…sleeping in a recliner just isn’t the same. The last few days have been much better, but boy I did a great job!

I’ve managed to get some writing work done though, and I’m working on a new story that I’m super excited about. I got a peek at the cover for CHRISTMAS AT EVERGREEN INN – the next Jewell Cove story – and I discovered that SUMMER ON LOVERS’ ISLAND will also be released on audio on June 2. Despite me not moving very fast, life has pretty much gone on mostly as usual.

I’ve had lots of reader mail from my latest release and keep it coming! I love hearing from readers. It totally makes my day.

Have a great weekend and see you on the flip side…

D xx

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