In The Line of Duty

Samhain Publishing

August 28, 2012  ASIN B0083WTX5U

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When it comes to love, sometimes a girl has to go above and beyond.

First Responders, Book 2

Jake Symonds has been a thorn in Constable Kendra Givens's side since the night they first met, when she'd had to arrest him. In his boxer shorts. The drunken comments he made that night are worsened by the truth she'll never admit. For a fleeting moment, they'd connected.

Two years later, when she's called to investigate a break-and-enter at his pub, the last thing she expects is for the now-competent businessman to cook her breakfast. But she's no fool. The former bad boy still lurks beneath the charm. And his business involves the one thing that she's hated since it ruined her childhood. Alcohol.

As far as he's concerned, Jake has changed, but Kendra still has a stick up her butt. Yet he can't help but like her sass and quick wit. One well-aimed baseball at the carnival dunk tank later and he's got a date.

Their spark of attraction quickly flares out of control, but their emotional baggage is stacked too high to risk anything deeper - until one tragic night strips the barriers from their deepest fears. And Kendra realizes the greatest danger Jake presents is to her heart.

Warning: Readers should be aware that any sexy comments made to police officers will be used against them in the hottest way possible.




It had been a long night, and Constable Kendra Givens was ready to clock out and collapse in bed when a call came through twenty minutes before her shift ended. And it couldn't be a run-of-the-mill call either. Oh no. It was a break-and-enter at Jake's Pub. Just who she wanted to deal with this morning - Jake Symonds.

She pulled into the empty parking lot and sighed. The pub was the newest watering hole between Wolfville and Kentville, and she was no stranger to calls from the staff. Sometimes things got a little heated as the night wore on and the drinks flowed freely. Luckily, the majority of calls dealt with throwing a local in the drunk tank for the night to sleep it off.

Most of the time she managed to avoid talking to Jake, with his thickly lashed hazel bedroom eyes and crooked know-it-all smile that met at two ridiculous dimples. He was too confident. Cocky, even. Just the kind of guy that rubbed her the wrong way and tried her patience.

As she shut off the cruiser he appeared in the door of the pub. The sun was already up and cast a golden light on the shrubs and trees around the barn-like structure. It was August, and she should be just getting up to enjoy the summer day rather than wanting to go to bed. She should be looking forward to an afternoon at the beach rather than sleeping in her hot apartment with no air conditioning.

Instead she was face-to-face with cocky Jake Symonds. Perfect.

She slammed the door of the car and strode to the pub entrance. It's your job, she thought. Just get it over with and then it's beddy-bye time.

Jake was waiting for her at the doorway, wearing faded jeans and a button-down shirt that was, thankfully, buttoned but left untucked. His eyes looked sleepy, and the shadow of a day's whiskers stubbled his jaw. Dammit. She might not like Jake, but she couldn't deny he was a looker. Especially now, all sexily rumpled and without his trademark half-smile. He looked pretty grouchy now that she thought about it.

For some reason the idea gave her pleasure. The day was looking up after all. Perhaps this time she'd have the upper hand. Because normally Jake had a way of staring at her that made her feel about four inches shorter and about ten years younger. With pimples. And braces.

"Jake," she greeted, keeping her voice curt. She was here to do a job, and the sooner they got through it the sooner she could be out of here.

"Constable Givens. Pleasure as usual."

Annoyance flared at the ironic tone in his voice. She suspected that getting under her skin was his goal anyway, so she ignored it and looked blandly into his stupidly handsome face. "Heard you had a break in."

"Looks that way. Woke up when I heard the car doors slam, but I was too late. Got a make and partial plate for you though."

"Great. Let's go in and get this over with, shall we?"

Jake stood aside and let her open the door. Her cheeks heated as she realized he'd deliberately let her do it herself. Not that she expected a man to open a door for her everywhere she went, but she knew with Jake it was deliberate. He didn't do anything without a purpose. It had always been that way, she suspected.

The inside of the pub was dim with the lights off. The smell of alcohol from the previous night still lingered in the air, mingled with the scent of frying grease and French fries. Kendra's stomach let out a low growl, but in the silence of the open room it was embarrassingly loud.

"End of shift for you, I expect."

"Yes, just about, so let's get this done so I can go home, yeah?"

He moved past her and his scent followed, something fresh and slightly spicy, and she realized quite suddenly that Jake had showered before bed. None of the smells of a night tending bar were on him. She swallowed thickly as an image - quite unwanted - flitted through her brain of Jake underneath the hot shower spray in the middle of the night.

Was he as beautifully built as he used to be? She imagined so. She swallowed. She'd been a newbie officer, and he'd been home on leave before being deployed overseas again. That was before he'd opened his own place. Back then he'd taken to frequenting the other establishments in the area. And on that particular night he'd been the one in trouble for public drunkenness, and she'd been the arresting officer who'd had to put him in the tank to cool his jets.

Right after she'd made him put his clothes back on. The memory of that evening still made her squirm uncomfortably. His eyes had laughed at her, all green and impish and knowing.

She probably hadn't needed to cuff him, but she had anyway to prove a point. Of course, Jake being Jake, that had opened the door to a whole other level of innuendo. Suggestions he'd felt free to make during the whole drive.

Now he was supposed to be all respectable, a business owner in the community, blah, blah. Kendra frowned at his back as they made their way to the back entrance of the pub. She should be able to forget it, right?

But she suspected a woman didn't easily forget the sight of nearly naked Jake. And what made matters worse was that he knew it.




"At times achingly sweet and others steamy and ablaze with passion, In the Line of Duty is the perfect book for a veranda, a swing and your favourite summer drink." (Debbie R, reader)

"The overall innocence displayed by the two when not getting hot and heavy makes this a short and sweet read."

 Library Journal Reviews

"I thoroughly enjoyed In the Line of Duty; the characters were rich, their backgrounds intriguing, and their story captivating."

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews







From In The Line of Duty by Donna Alward

Samhain Publishing

Copyright 2012 by Donna Alward

Cover art used with permission





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