I thought it would be fun to share the story behind the story of SOMEBODY LIKE YOU!

My editor, Lizzie, and I were talking about a proposal for a new series. We’d come up with the town, Darling, and were talking characters and tropes and all the intial brainstorming that goes on with developing a new series. And then … SHE SENT ME THIS:

Lizzie: Maybe the cutest real life story ever. And something I could see you being able to pull off. In a big way.

A Flower Girl and a Ring Bearer Just Got Married

I LOVED IT. And I sent the following response:

Me:Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet! I wonder if I could do something like that for the middle story?

Lizzie: I was thinking the same thing about book 2! Instead of them being 13-yr-old sweethearts, what if they met when they were in a wedding together on the bridge? It would need to be ironed out a little and could be a stretch but the idea is super cute.

Of course there were more tweaks. Book 2 actually became book 1, and book 1 became book 2. And the picture on the bridge became VERY important and then the prequel, GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME, is the actual story of that wedding.

All because my editor read a cute news story and sent it to me.

Here’s a little snippet from SOMEBODY LIKE YOU:


She looked up at the wall behind the pastry table. There, in all its glory, was The Photo. Her cheeks heated as she remembered standing close to Aiden just a few nights ago. In the photo they were five. It was a candid shot taken by the photographer at Laurel’s Aunt Susan’s wedding. Laurel and Aiden were standing on the Kissing Bridge, her basket of flowers in one hand while Aiden held the other. Her dress was long and white with a pale green sash, and he wore an adorable black suit. They were leaning toward each other, their eyes closed and lips touching.

It was adorable. Or it would be, if she weren’t in it. But both their parents had given the town permission to use it. As a result the photo appeared not only in the boardroom but also on town promotional materials.

“You haven’t changed a bit.”

Laurel turned to see Sally Ingram looking up at her. Sally had to be in her sixties now, but her wrinkles were hidden behind expertly applied makeup and her hair was the color of summer wheat. At barely five feet, Sally was a little powerhouse of energy.

“Hello, Sally.” Laurel smiled. “And I’ve changed quite a bit. I can’t believe that picture is still up here.”

Sally tittered. “Of course it is. The Kissing Bridge is our main attraction.”

“I figured it would have been replaced by now,” she remarked.

“Oh, maybe it will. I hear there’s a refresh happening in the town tourism campaign. Something about pushing the fall months and the colors and whatnot.” Sally looked sharply at Laurel. “Speaking of colors, you should come into the spa and let us put some foils in that hair of yours. It could use a lift.”

Great. She’d already been feeling insecure about how she looked, but she’d been satisfied when she left the house this morning. Now she was back to square one, and resisted the terrible urge to raise her hand and touch her hair. “Maybe I’ll do that, Sally. Work’s keeping me quite busy right now, though. Spring and all.”

“Yes, I heard about your little trouble.” She tsked and shook her head. “Though I did hear that Aiden was the officer on duty. You two have some history, if I remember correctly.” She winked at Laurel. “Oh look, there’s Owen Hardcastle. I’ve been meaning to speak to him about some renovations. Enjoy the breakfast, dear.” Sally turned to leave but at the last minute spun back and put her hand on Laurel’s arm. “Oh, and it’s good to have you home again.”

That was all it took for Laurel to feel the warmth of homecoming that she’d been missing. Sally’s comment about her hair was an occupational hazard; no different than if Laurel had suggested someone plant some hostas around their flowering crab or add creeping phlox as ground cover for their perennial beds. And the comment about Aiden was typical too; not much was missed in a town this small. Determined to keep her chin up, she made her way over to get a coffee, and then grabbed a plate and added some strawberries and an apple Danish to it before finding a seat.

Today’s release day for the first book in my brand new series! SOMEBODY LIKE YOU has been getting unbelievably fabulous reviews and I’m super excited that it’s FINALLY hitting shelves!

Handy dandy links so you can grab it:

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Or head into your local bookshop and grab it!

Thank you to all my readers – you guys are what keep me going. 🙂 I’m off to celebrate now… with word count on my next book.

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