Five Surprising Facts about Diego Navarro

One of the blogs I wrote up was about the hero of The Playboy Prince and the Nanny. I bring you… Five Surprising Facts about Diego Navarro!

  1. His best friend is an Irishman (Ryan) who occasionally lends his security talents to Diego’s endeavours. Ryan also has a younger sister, Brenna, whom Diego will never date unless he wants to have his legs broken.


  1. He has a degree in European History, which he rarely uses, and a keen mind for bargaining, which he uses frequently when managing the Navarro stables and polo stock.


  1. Despite being part of a centuries-old patriarchy, he’s a feminist and has a foundation dedicated to the education and training of African women to provide for themselves and their families.


  1. His favorite dessert is sticky toffee pudding.


  1. He loved his nanny, Mariana, dearly. When Rose arrives at the palace to care for his niece and nephew, he sees the same qualities he loved in Mariana: kindness, compassion, discipline, affection. What he doesn’t see: their difference in status.


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