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December 11, 2017

Donna Alward and Nancy Cassidy

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Have you lost your writing mojo? Has your Muse abandoned you? Is the business of being a writer sucking away all the joy you used to feel in the process?

If finding the time to write has become a chore rather than a pleasure; if your prose seems forced and getting words on the page takes longer than it used to, this book is for you.


Find the meaning in your writing once again and go for the story, rather than the page count! Donna Alward, freelance editor and NYT Bestselling author of fifty feel-good novels and Nancy Cassidy, editor and owner of The Red Pen Coach editorial group, give you the tools to rediscover the joy in your writing.


Throw out the rules, the timers, and the word counts! Discover more meaning in your creativity and enjoy every minute. Let your joy lead to higher productivity, resulting in more opportunity for success, increased readership, and higher sales.



March 1, 2018

Donna Alward and Nancy Cassidy

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Life experiences are supposed to give us fodder for stories, but what happens when life gets overwhelming? From raising kids to caring for parents, day jobs and no jobs, falling in love and out of it… Editor and NYT Bestselling author Donna Alward and Nancy Cassidy, editor and owner of The Red Pen Coach editorial group, get down and dirty with writing through life’s challenges and how to use the ups and downs to produce your best stories ever (and survive to tell about it!)!

By the authors of Joy Your Way to a Bestseller!