JOY YOUR WAY TO A BESTSELLER is my new book, co-written with Nancy Cassidy, about finding the joy in your writing again. It releases on December 11, but it’s up for preorder NOW! Yay! And for a limited time, you can get it for a launch price of 0.99!

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Here’s a little snippet – the introduction – showing how and why we came up with the idea in the beginning:

Writing is a long journey filled with the peaks and valleys of discovery, creativity, success and failure. Each person’s voyage is their own, different from anyone else’s. To imagine that you can follow another author’s exact footsteps is foolish, and we don’t recommend that you try. But there are areas of commonalities and ways we can learn from each other’s travels.

This book will review some areas of writing that are common to all: the emotional and physical efforts we put into writing, the ways in which we can steer ourselves in the wrong direction, or the painful process of choosing a new path. There are times in our lives when the writing stops and life intervenes—during divorce, job loss, the arrival of a new baby, the loss of a family member. Writing becomes a chore and we wonder why we put the effort into the development of each paragraph, let alone each book.

These things are real and valid. Working through burnout, stress, uncertainty, and even positive things like a move or a new (day) job means making adjustments. And when deadlines loom or bills pile up, creativity can be one of the first things to suffer. It’s a cruel trick, really. We rely on our creativity as a therapeutic outlet, and full-time authors rely on it for their income. The very solution to our troubles could become the one thing we avoid most. And the vicious cycle perpetuates itself.

When times like these arrive, we need to rediscover the joy in the written word. Sometimes this process can be as simple as taking time to read a few favorite novels and becoming re-inspired, or making sure we have time to heal from emotional or physical distress. Sometimes it takes a more focused effort, and we need to re-evaluate our writing process from the ground up.

Both of us have been there. When we started working together, we quickly realized that while our lives were very different, they were also very similar. The pressure and the longing to be able to write and hit that “zone” was real…and difficult to achieve. We both wanted to find the joy in writing again…and that’s when the idea for this book was born.

Wherever you are in your journey, we hope this little book can help you and encourage you to rediscover the joy in your writing—and with new inspiration, find greater success and fulfillment.



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